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Welcome to Damore Dental Lab

We offer a wide range of dental lab services including, but not limited to, Captek, PFM, Dentures, Full Cast Implants, IPS Emax, IPS Empress, Zirconia, and Valplast.

At Damore Dental Lab, we offer exceptional prices and excellent service. We provide quality and uncompromising service at competitive prices from the moment the lab slip is received until the completion of the case. We look forward to receiving your cases and building a long-term partnership with your dental office!

Damore Dental Lab offers affordable, high quality dentures and cosmetic partials that best fit the wants and needs of the patient.

Damore Dental Lab is an FDA approved dental laboratory located in Houtzdale, PA. We are a full service and independent laboratory that offers services to dentists located within the contiguous United States.

Damore Dental Lab has been serving dental offices within the contiguous United States since 2010. We have been providing high quality products and services to our customers with great turnover times all while keeping our prices reasonable and competitive. At Damore Dental Lab, we DO NOT sacrifice the quality of our products, as we have been committed from day 1 to offer the best products at the best prices.

Please contact us at (888) 368-0640 or by email at damoredental@yahoo.com to hear about our great prices and specials!

We look forward to doing business with you!

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Enhance your dental treatment from lab to outsource

At Damore Dental Lab, we offer the best dental lab products and services to dentists and dental labs all across the country. We offer high quality products at low costs and are happy to serve all of your lab needs. Please call Damore Dental Lab to hear about our great prices!